Why Carly Pearce Changing Her Name to Carly Roach?

Carly Pearce changing her legal name

CARLY PEARCE will be keeping her stage name after she marries MICHAEL RAY. That’s a good move because her name is her brand, and she’s spent a lot of time working on it. But she IS going to take his name legally. It’ll be on her driver’s license and other official documents. She’ll be signing stuff as Mrs. Carly Roach. ... Read More »

Massive Shark Chilling Off The Coast Of Florida

Great White Shark of coast of Florida

This morning at 9:49 am, the Great White Shark named Katherine pinged off the coast of Daytona Beach. She is 14.2 feet in length and a whopping 2,300 pounds. She has been tagged and tracked since 2013 and has traveled thousands of miles in the Atlantic and Gulf, making many stops in Florida waters. Read entire article here. Read More »