The Five Best Things Men and Women Can Add to Their Dating Profiles

Obviously the best thing you can put in your online dating profile is a picture where you look incredibly attractive.  All of the words are REALLY a distant second to that.


But they aren’t TOTALLY insignificant . . . and a new study by Plenty of Fish found the best things that men and women can add to their profiles to get more matches.

For men, the best thing you can add is that you’re a firefighter . . . it’ll get you 179% more matches.  And being over six-foot-two and making six figures are also great.

But those three things aren’t necessarily true for most people.  So the five best things to add that are a lot more common are:  Having a car . . . having a degree . . . describing yourself as “very ambitious” . . . not smoking . . . and saying you want kids.


For women, the best thing to add is that you sell insurance.  Are people attracted to female insurance saleswomen and I didn’t get the memo?


But the five more common traits you can add to increase your matches are:  Describing yourself as “very ambitious” . . . having blonde hair . . . saying you want kids . . . having a dog . . . and having a car.


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