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Dallas & Brenda Random Fun Facts from this past week-KFC online store/Most popular answer on Jeopardy/Tinder match meets after 3 yrs/Are they sneakers or tennis shoes?

1.  Here are a few random facts for you.  The most common answer on “Jeopardy” is “What is China?”  And sneezes can leave your mouth at more than 200 miles per hour.  (Full Story) 2.  The Internet is having a big debate over what people call the shoes they exercise in:  Sneakers . . . tennis shoes . . . or something else?  ... Read More »

One of the Best States-Where does Florida rank?

“U.S. News & World Report” looked at 68 different stats to figure out the best and worst states to live in.  They factored in everything from jobs and infrastructure, to crime and education.  And the best state is . . . Massachusetts. They say it has the best education system . . . the second-best healthcare system . . . ... Read More »

Write a Tune Tuesday with Dallas & Brenda -Election Day

Join Dallas & Brenda every Tuesday at 7:10am for Write a Tune Tuesday.  Where YOU write the song and Dallas & Brenda and guest local musicians put it to music.  You could win a FREE dinner for two at one of the finest restaurants in Voluisa County, Malcoms Bar & Grill at LPGA. Check out their menu here: Since ... Read More »