Old Dominion’s Matthew Ramsey Still Has to Take Out the Trash When He’s Home

Old Dominion singer MATTHEW RAMSEY says he has a wife and two daughters and they bring him back to earth every time he returns from the road.

Quote, “I get to come home and drop the kids off at school and stuff like that.  It’s quite a switch.  You get off the stage and it’s like ‘Ahh’ . . . and then you come home and you’re like, ‘I gotta take out the trash.’  It absolutely keeps you grounded.”

He says the home life also helps when he sits down with the rest of the band to write songs.  Quote, “We try to really pay attention to our lives, and the great thing is we write really well together and spend so much time together.

“I can write about their lives and they can write about my life.  We can put it all into one song and make one story.”