Father’s Day Gift Giving

Don’t forget Father’s Day is Sunday, June 16! Did you know? 1. 76% of people will be celebrating Father’s Day. And the younger you are, the more likely you are to celebrate. 2. The average person says they will spend around $116 on Dad this Father’s Day. 3. 16% of people are spending more than last year, 10% are spending ... Read More »

A Guy Calls 911 to Brag About His Muscles

A guy in Florida called 911 several times last week to brag to the female dispatcher about his BIG MUSCLES.  He also kept asking if she was single.  The cops finally went to track him down.  He spat on one of them and was arrested for misuse of 911 and battery. When you call 911 to report some huge guns, ... Read More »

80% of Women Tell a Lie Every Single Day

  A new survey found 80% of women say they tell at least one lie every single day . . . versus only 40% of men.  The top reason we lie is to avoid hurting someone’s feelings.  And the most common thing we lie about is how much we like a friend’s cooking. I’m not sure how valid this survey ... Read More »

The Top 10 “Ultimate Life Experiences”

What are the “ultimate life experiences”?  A new survey found the top five are:  Getting married in Vegas . . . swimming with sharks . . . surfing in Hawaii . . . flying on a private jet . . . and dating a model.  And coming tenth was having an AFFAIR. Apparently you haven’t lived until you’ve jumped out ... Read More »