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I was raised in Kentucky…and no it isn’t all farm country. (Go Cats!) I graduated from Florida State University (Go Noles!) so I pride myself in cheering for The Cats during basketball season and The Noles during football season – judge me.

I’m your typical 26 year old female…my phone is connected to my hands at all times, I rely on Cosmopolitan and Buzzfeed to solve my life problems, and I attempt to work out on a daily basis all while fighting the cravings of wine and queso every night. Trashy, reality tv is my jam and if I haven’t stalked you on Facebook or Instagram yet…it’s only a matter of time.

Don’t let that fool you though – I LOVE being involved in the community…between Junior League, Young Professionals, and attending other non-profit events I’m happy my profession has allowed me to give back

OBVIOUSLY I like long walks on the beach (no seriously), pictures of sunsets – go creep my Instagram for two seconds and you will see what I mean @radiokaylee, and grew up on romantic comedies…so guys, good luck. I roll my eyes at The Kardashians but obviously have seen every episode. I’m currently obsessed with the Snapchat filters and Publix Buffalo Chicken Dip.

What you need to know Friday October 2, 2015

SMILE! Today, October 2nd, is World Smile Day. The idea of World Smile Day was started by artist Harvey Ball, who created the Smiley Face back in 1963. The World’s first World Smile Day was held in the year 1999 and has been held annually since. So give a smile to everyone you see today … and post your pearly ... Read More »

Nashville Notes with Dallas and Michelle October 1, 2015

KEITH URBAN was too chicken to tell JOHN MELLENCAMP that he recorded “John Cougar, John Deere, John 3:16”.  Keith says, quote, “I did a charity event with him and had just cut that song, but I didn’t tell him because he’s got mixed feelings about the John Cougar handle.”   There have been rumors that EDDIE MONTGOMERY’s son died of ... Read More »

Nashville Notes with Dallas and Michelle September 30, 2015

Luke Bryan kicks off his Farm Tour 2015 Wednesday night in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and he’s brought on some big sponsors to help make this outing the biggest and best ever. Says Luke, “We’ve got Bayer Chemical involved, and they are huge in the agricultural world. You know, you see Bayer aspirin, you don’t realize they make agricultural chemicals, too.” ... Read More »

We snack all day

WE SNACK ALL DAY Are you eating something right now? Chances are pretty high that you are. In fact, according to a new study, Americans pretty much eat all day long. For the study, published in Cell Metabolism, researchers asked 156 healthy San Diego residents to take pictures of everything they ate every day for three weeks. They took the photos with ... Read More »

WATCH: Adrenaline junkie Tom Cruise holds his breath for six minutes

Tom Cruise is a serious adrenaline junkie.  In a behind-the-scenes video from “Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation” released by Access Hollywood, the actor, who’s known for performing many of his own stunts, is shown holding his breath underwater for six minutes. Six minutes! That’s impressive. (Almost as impressive ashanging off a moving plane.)  See the video here:   Read More »