Hottest food trend of summer 2017-Swineapple–for real? Bacon, pork ribs & Pineapple–and the recipe to make your own

This latest barbecue trend comes courtesy of Josh Bush of LaPorte, Texas. In April 2015, Bush shared a photo to the Facebook group “smoking meat low and slow” with a caption that read: “Country style rib stuffed pineapple wrapped in bacon, rack of ribs and bacon wrapped boneless loin.” Though the initial post only got 35 likes and a mere 14 shares, two years later the creation has suddenly taken Pinterest and the internet in general, by storm

and here’s the all important recipe to make Swineapple:

Bush explained his recipe to Boredom Therapy:

“Shave the pineapple but leave the top and bottom, lay on its side and about an inch in on both sides cut halfway down then with a long blade slice from point to point. Hollow out the desired amount of pineapple.

Season your meat with any of your favorite seasonings. A more course rub is better. Put the cut piece back on. To look like a complete pineapple again. Light dust the pineapple with seasoning. Fully wrap it with thick cut bacon. Not just lay it on top. I set it on the smoker @ 240 and sprayed it with apple juice about every 20-30 minutes to keep the bacon moist and colorful. You can change the meat to boneless chicken thighs and get the same results.

A lot of people have said the pineapple over tenderized the meat when they tried it. I did not personally have that issue but I would check internal temp about 2 hours into smoking. Once you hit 160 it is up to you of when to pull it.”

from The Daily Dish

and here’s some more recipes we found on pinterest!


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