Daytona’s 93.1 Coast Country Brenda’s Buzz: New Star Wars Cast on Jimmy Kimmel / Chewbacca Joins the Police Force / Kelly Claskson Robbed!



The cast of the new “Star Wars” was on “Kimmel” on Friday, and Mark Hamill talked about how back in the day, he had to make sure the big twist in “The Empire Strikes Back” stayed secret . . . and did a pretty good imitation of Harrison Ford too.  (He had to keep it a secret from everyone for a year and a half. 


Wookies Assemble! Star Wars’ Chewbacca Joins Fort Worth Police

The police department in Fort Worth, Texas released a welcome video for rookies with a ‘Wookiee’ theme. So ‘Chewbacca’ joins the force and makes a bunch of mistakes . . . he rips off another rookie’s arm, blows up a target with his crossbow, and gets touchy about Han Solo. (In this clip, he scares an old lady he pulled over, because she can’t understand him.)


Kelly Clarkson Home Was Robbed!

Kelly Clarkson talked with “Extra” at the Billboard Women in Music event last week, and casually mentioned that her house got robbed the other day. (They weren’t home, and no one was hurt, but they lost some possessions that she says they didn’t care about.)


“Blossom” superstar JOEY LAWRENCE has released a new song called “Christmas Time”.  




 SIA released her new Christmas video, Candy Cane Lane.




Check out a 15-second teaser for “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom”.