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Chris Stapleton was the musical guest on “Kimmel” last night, so Chris Pratt brought him out and they did a duet on “The Time of My Life” from “Dirty Dancing”



“House of Cards” Is Moving Forward with Its Final Season . . . But Without Kevin Spacey


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Netflix is moving forward with its previously planned, sixth and final season of “House of Cards” . . . but naturally, it’s happening WITHOUT KEVIN SPACEY.

There will be eight episodes, and the season will focus on ROBIN WRIGHT, who plays Claire Underwood, the wife of Kevin’s old character.  Claire is the former First Lady, who became President in Season Five.

Netflix says they wanted to finish the show to, quote, “bring closure to fans.”  

There’s no word how they plan to write Kevin out of the show . . . but in the book that inspired the show, his character DIES.

(By the way, Kevin is facing another ALLEGATION.  Gabriel Byrne says production on “The Usual Suspects” was shut down in 1994 because of Kevin’s “inappropriate sexual behavior.”  He didn’t elaborate.)



Does Quentin Tarantino Want to Make a “Star Trek” Movie?


Love him or hate him, QUENTIN TARANTINO has always made his own, original movies.  Well, some people would argue about just how original they are . . . but at the very least, he’s never been one to jump into someone else’s franchise.

Until now.  According to, Tarantino came up with an idea for what he thinks would be an awesome “Star Trek”movie.  He pitched it to J.J. ABRAMS, and Paramount is putting it together, with Quentin possibly directing.

It won’t be his next movie though.  Right now he’s working on a film about the Manson Family murders, with MARGOT ROBBIEpossibly playing one of the victims, actress SHARON TATE.





“Entertainment Weekly’s” Best and Worst TV Shows of 2017


  “Entertainment Weekly” has put out a list of ‘The 10 Best TV Shows of 2017′ . . . and then they made things even MORE interesting by adding the five WORST.  Here are the ’10 Best’ . . .



1.  “Glow”, Netflix


2.  “Twin Peaks: The Return”, Showtime


3.  “Big Little Lies”, HBO


4.  “The Good Place”, NBC


5.  “Rick and Morty”, Adult Swim


6.  “Insecure”, HBO


7.  “The Handmaid’s Tale”, Hulu


8.  “DuckTales”, Disney XD


9.  “American Crime”, ABC


10.  “Mr. Robot”, USA Network



And here are their ‘Five Worst’ . . .



1.  “APB”, Fox . . . It’s already been canceled after just one season.


2.  “Taboo”, BBC One / FX . . . It was renewed for a second season.


3.  “Snatch”, Crackle . . . It was renewed for a second season.


4.  “Megyn Kelly Today” . . . As far as we know, NBC is committed to keeping it.


5.  “Marvel’s Inhumans” . . . Its future is unclear, but the shows’ ratings and reviews have both been bad.