Tips for photographing fireworks this weekend!

Here are four tips from a professional photographer on how to get better photos of fireworks this weekend . . . 1. Turn your flash off. If you don’t, everything over ten feet away will end up underexposed. If you want to take a photo of someone with the fireworks behind them, set it up so their face is lit ... Read More »

Florida-Georgia Line taking July 4th weekend off work!!

While most Americans will be celebrating Independence Day, this weekend will be special for the guys inFlorida Georgia Line for a completely different reason: they’ll be enjoying some rare time off. “We don’t really get many Friday nights when we’re not playin’,” Brian Kelley points out. But his leisure-time activities may not be as exciting as you’d expect. “We did ... Read More »

See the FULL length trailer for the new “Peanuts” movie!

Can’t wait to take my kids to this movie on November 6, 2015 when it opens in theatres here in Volusia County.  They’ve been big fans of Charlie Brown and the  Peanuts gang ever since I turned them onto the original Peanuts Christmas special, which has always had a special place in my heart.  Creator Charles Schultz was a genius! ... Read More »