Daytona’s 93.1 Coast Country Dallas and Brenda’s Christmas Tree Safety Tip!

The Consumer Product Safety Commission posted a video that shows how fast your Christmas tree can turn into a FIREBALL if you forget to water it. It shows two trees side-by-side.  One’s been watered every day, and the other hasn’t.  The one that HAS been watered starts smoldering, and there’s a lot of smoke.  But you’d have a decent chance of stopping ... Read More »

93.1 Coast Country Dallas & Brenda Video of the Day-Sarah Michelle Gellar posts Burger King commercial from 1982 when she was 5 yrs old

Sarah Michelle Gellar posted an old Burger King commericial she was in as a five-year-old kid, back in 1982.  The crazy thing about it is that Lea Thompson and Elisabeth Shue were in it with her.  (Three years before “Back to the Future”, and five years before “Adventures in Babysitting”.)   #throwback #holidayedition I spy…a future vampire slayer…a future adventurous ... Read More »