Dallas & Brenda Nashville Notes: Zac Brown at the family table/ Alan Jackson unducted into Country Music Hall of Fame/Brad Paisley says the internet is forever

Zac Brown is inviting you to sit down at his “Family Table” this Friday.

The track is the latest taste of Zac Brown Band’s new album, Welcome Home, which won’t be available until May 12. If you pre-order the new effort, however, you’ll be able to download the cut “Real Thing,” as well as the lead single, “My Old Man,” which is just steps away from top-20 status.

Come Friday, “Family Table” joins that list. You can get a behind-the-scenes preview of the track thanks to a new studio clip ZBB shared on their socials.

Here’s the complete song list for Welcome Home, in advance of its May 12 street date:

“Real Thing”
“Long Haul”
“2 Places at 1 Time”
“Family Table”
“My Old Man”
“Start Over”
“Your Majesty”
“Trying to Drive”
“All the Best”


Go behind-the-scenes of the making of “Family Table” out this Friday, April 7th! #WelcomeHome

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In 2017, Alan Jackson will be inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame, and coincidentally, the Georgia native owes his start in the music business to another Hall of Famer, Glen Campbell.

When Alan was just beginning, his wife Denise worked as a flight attendant, and a chance airport encounter with the “Rhinestone Cowboy” eventually led to a songwriting contract for Alan with his publishing company.

“That’s when it really kinda hit me…,” Alan says of the highest honor in country music, “I got the list and started going through all the artists that are in here, and I saw Glen’s name…”

“Most of those are just heroes of mine,” he adds, “… and you just don’t feel like you’re worthy to be in here with ‘em. I mean it’s just crazy to think that your name and your face will be on that wall from now on.”

Alan is thankful he got to reflect on his success with Glen, long before the advanced stages of Alzheimer’s ravaged his memory.

“Back before he got sick,” Alan recalls, “he was, I think, surprised at how well things went for me.”

“… In the beginning, I didn’t really know him that well,” he goes on. “It was really more his guy at the office that ran his publishing company that helped me. I’d see Glen come through Nashville once every year or two and he’d say hi, but I don’t think he even knew my name. You know that’s just the way it is. But I think he was surprised to see it happen so big,” he reflects.

Alan will join the legendary ranks of the Hall in October, during a Medallion Ceremony at the CMA Theater. Glen was inducted back in 2005.

By the time the rest of the world found out that Alan Jackson would be going into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2017, the legend himself was already struggling to get used to the idea.  But when he first got the news, he admits he was prepared for something that wasn’t exactly positive.

“Yeah, they snuck up on me man,” he recalls. “They called this fake meetin’ here at the record label and I thought they [were] gonna drop me off the label or something, you know?”

“And instead, [CMA CEO] Sarah [Trahern] walks in and announces what was going on, and kinda caught me off guard there,” he adds. “I didn’t know what to say.”

Alan feels that joining the Country Music Hall of Fame’s legendary ranks is simply the pinnacle of his career.

“This is just about the last dream on the list here! You know, this is the mountain top for a country singer,” he reflects.

Now, Alan can turn his attention to deciding which Country Music Hall of Famer he’d like to induct him at this year’s Medallion Ceremony, which is set to take place in October.

If you like Brad Paisley’s new video for “selfie #theinternetisforever,” there are plenty more where that came from — and they’re on the way soon.

The clip for the new track from Brad’s forthcoming Love and War album is just the first of six videos the West Virginia native plans to premiere on  Facebook ahead of the project’s April 21 release.

“selfie #theinternetisforever” includes some of the most embarrassing self-portraits ever, sent in by Paisley’s fans after he put out the call on social media. You can participate in Brad’s upcoming videos too by watching his posts on Facebook.

Meanwhile, if you pre-order Love and War, you’ll instantly get three of the album’s tracks:  the #1 “Today,” as well as “Heaven South,” and “selfie#theinternetisforever.”