Dallas & Brenda Happy News: Policeman helps shoplifter with purchasing instead of lifting

An 18-year-old guy in Toronto tried to shoplift clothes from Walmart on Sunday.  We don’t know his name, because he wasn’t charged with anything.  And that’s only because the cop who showed up is a great human being . . .

The cop’s name is Niran Jeyanesan.  (Pronounced Jay-uh-NESS-an)

When he got to Walmart, he found out the guy tried to steal a tie, dress shirt, and socks.  So he asked why he needed them.

It turned out he had a job interview, but didn’t have any nice clothes, and didn’t have money to buy them.  That’s why he tried to steal them.

So Niran decided not to arrest him.  And before he let him go, he used his own money and HE bought the clothes for him.

He told a reporter he did it because the guy knew he made a mistake, and was just trying to provide for his family.  So instead of making his life worse, he decided to do something that might make it better.