Chris Rhoads

I started my radio career in Ocala back in 1989. From there I went to Orlando for 17 years and then up to Jacksonville for 5. I’m happy to be here on The Coast doing Late Afternoons from 2-7pm.

I play guitar and love hanging at the beach with my beautiful wife and two children. I’m a Country fan and going to concerts. I’m also a big sports fan, cheering on #24 and #48 in NASCAR,  the Canadians and Lightning in hockey, the Bucs, Jags and Noles in Football and Phil and Adam when golfs on TV.


2,500+ Jellyfish Stings On Volusia Beaches In Past 10 Days

Daytona Beach, FL – The jellyfish invasion continues on Volusia County’s beaches. Lifeguards have received over 2,000 reports of beachgoers being stung in the last nine days, including 250 on Father’s Day. No serious or major injuries have been reported by anyone who was stung. Click here to read why lifeguards tell us this is happening. Read More »

Important Question: Is Male Chest Hair Hot or Not?

I know it’s been a lot of years since TOM SELLECK was America’s number one male sex symbol, but apparently, everyone’s forgotten what he brought to the table. A new survey asked people if CHEST HAIR is hot or not.  And the answer is . . . no.  At least according to the ladies. 28% of women say they like ... Read More »

Is SPF 50 Enough to Protect You from Sun Damage? A New Study Says No

Today is the last day of spring, and summer starts tomorrow.  So have you stocked up on sunscreen yet?  If not, here’s some free advice on what to buy. We’d always heard that super-high SPFs were kind of pointless.  That there’s not much difference between SPF 50 and SPF 100.  But according to recent study, that’s NOT actually the case. ... Read More »

Willie Nelson Invites Trump to Visit Border Detention Center With Him

Willie Nelson has already made it clear where he stands on recent immigration policy changes and enforcement. On Monday (June 18), Nelson upped the ante a little more by sending out a Tweet in which he invited President Donald Trump to go visit a border detention center with him. “Hey Donald this is @WillieNelson Let’s go down to a border detention center ... Read More »

Chris Young Extends Headlining 2018 Losing Sleep Tour … Again

 : The singer has added even more fall dates dlining 2018 Losing Sleep Tour, which began in early January. “It’s more buses and more trucks than I’ve ever had out there,” Young shared with The Boot in late 2017. “We’re doing bigger rooms than I’ve ever played.” Kane Brown and Lanco joined Young for his January and February Losing Sleep Tour dates, and Brown, Morgan Evans ... Read More »