Chris Rhoads

I started my radio career in Ocala back in 1989. From there I went to Orlando for 17 years and then up to Jacksonville for 5. I’m happy to be here on The Coast doing Late Afternoons from 2-7pm.

I play guitar and love hanging at the beach with my beautiful wife and two children. I’m a Country fan and going to concerts. I’m also a big sports fan, cheering on #24 and #48 in NASCAR,  the Canadians and Lightning in hockey, the Bucs, Jags and Noles in Football and Phil and Adam when golfs on TV.


A Terrible Driver Took 17 Minutes to Back Into a Parking Spot

Someone in the U.K. recently got video of a woman trying to back her car into a parking spot . . . and it took her more than 17 MINUTES.  If you only have your permit there, you have to have a sticker on the hood of your car with the letter “L” for “learner”, and it looks like she ... Read More »

Microsoft Windows 10 is out today. Does this mean I get my start menu back?

Microsoft’s latest installment of Windows is officially available today. The upgrade to Windows 10 is completely free for anyone already using Windows 7 or Windows 8 and will be available over the next few weeks so that millions of people don’t try downloading it in one day. The first ever free upgrade provides users with Cortana, a personal assistant like ... Read More »

Are Facebook Quitters attention seekers?

  Do you have one of those friends who compulsively deactivates and reactivates their Facebook account all while complaining that they hate social media and they are giving it up because it’s shallow and pointless? Guess what? That person isn’t doing it to make a point, they are doing it for attention. It’s sad, but they do it to hear ... Read More »