Brenda’s Buzz Tuesday March 28th: DWTS Update … Elimination #1 / New Tomb Raider Movie / Is Brad Pitt Dating Sandra Bullock?

Brad Pitt and Sandra Bullock??? A not-terribly-reliable Australian tabloid claims that BRAD PITT is now dating SANDRA BULLOCK . . . after being set up by their mutual friend GEORGE CLOONEY. A source says, quote, “George is determined to help heal Brad’s heart and couldn’t think of anyone better than Sandy. They’re keeping it on the down-low . . . ... Read More »

Brenda’s Buzz Thursday March 23: Dave Chappelle is Back! / Beauty and The Beast Smashing Records / “Big Bang Theory” Million Dollar Paychecks

“Beauty and the Beast” Out-Earned the Original in Just Five Days Beauty and the Beast” set records with its $170 million opening weekend.  But it just did something that might be even MORE impressive.  It has out-earned the original, animated “Beauty and the Beast” in just FIVE DAYS. Its global box office total is closing in on the $500 million ... Read More »