How Often Should You Wash Your Pet’s Bowl?

According to experts, you should be washing them EVERY DAY in hot, soapy water, then letting them dry before you use them again. And on top of that, you should disinfect them by running them through the dishwasher or soaking them in bleach water at least once a week. According to the National Sanitation Foundation, food and water bowls are ... Read More »

A Husband’s Creative Gender Reveal Pays Off

A wife challenged her husband to come up with a creative way to do a gender reveal for their ninth child.  So, he pieced together different clips of her late father’s voice saying they’re having a girl . . . and then he surprised her with it. She breaks down crying and seems very moved, so it seems like the ... Read More »

Former ERAU Ace Pitcher Shines In Major League Debut

Originally called up last month from AAA Memphis by the Cardinals but not used in a game, Poncedeleon becomes the first pitcher since 1892 to not allow a hit in his first Major League Baseball appearance. His performance last night comes after he nearly died last year from an injury during a minor league baseball game. Poncedeleon took a baseball ... Read More »

Being in a Bad Mood Is Good For Your Productivity?

I guess if you’re feeling miserable, you might as well get a bunch of work or chores done . . . because it’s not like they’d be getting in the way of a good time. According to a new study out of Canada, being in a bad mood is actually GOOD for your productivity. They found that when people were ... Read More »