Going Further For Dad

Go further for dad this father’s day at tell 93.1 Coast Country why your dad should win the Gary Yeomans Ford BBQ Grill! All you have to do is call 386.944.7712 and in 20 seconds or less tell 93.1 Coast Country why your dad should win the grill! The Gary Yeomans Ford BBQ Grill is a porcelain coated cast iron 5 ... Read More »

Happy Monday! Everything you every wanted to know about ice cream

On this date in 1786, the very first commercial ice cream was sold in New York City. Chocolate is the number one flavor of ice cream, according to a Harris Poll that surveyed 2,242 U.S. adults in which 27 percent said chocolate is their fave. Coming in right behind chocolate are vanilla and cookie dough/cookies and cream. The top 10 ... Read More »

Best Jobs for Women 2015

Women are really starting to graviate to math oriented jobs!  And the pay is great! It used to be years ago that men dominated most of the math oriented jobs, but not anymore!  Women make up about 40 percent of  new statisticians and 38 percent of new biomedical engineers.  And the salaries, well,  they rock:  $93,680 for an actuary; $86,960 ... Read More »