Brad Paisley plans on making some fun of the country music “divorce outbreak” The scoop here!

Country music has unfortunately seen its fair share of divorces among its stars this summer. Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert‘s split rocked the genre, and before fans had a chance to recover, Reba McEntire announced a separation from her husband of 26 years, Narvel Blackstock, and Jake Owen and wife Lacey divorced. When asked to weigh in on the series of events, Brad Paisley ... Read More »

RED HOT Viral Video of the Day: Guy crashes while using selfie stick!

A video of a guy using a selfie stick to film himself driving is going viral . . . because he stopped paying attention to the road, and crashed into the truck in front of him.   Apparently his buddies were in the truck he rear-ended.  And they had a canoe in the back, which went straight through his windshield.  ... Read More »

Be careful at the Labor Day weekend barbecue!

WE OVEREAT AT BBQs It’s Labor Day Weekend … which means chances are you are going to over-indulge. That’s no surprise. But it may surprise you how much you over-indulge. According to a new survey, the average person eats about three times more at a BBQ than they would during a normal meal. Most of us chow down on about ... Read More »