Microsoft Windows 10 is out today. Does this mean I get my start menu back?

Microsoft’s latest installment of Windows is officially available today. The upgrade to Windows 10 is completely free for anyone already using Windows 7 or Windows 8 and will be available over the next few weeks so that millions of people don’t try downloading it in one day. The first ever free upgrade provides users with Cortana, a personal assistant like ... Read More »

What do Peyton Manning and Brantley Gilbert have in common? The scoop here!

Broncos QB Peyton Manning and country singer Brantley Gilbert have both pledged to help out the families of the U.S. Servicemen killed last week by a domestic terrorist in Chattanooga, Tennessee.   This past Saturday Denver Broncos Quarterback Peyton Manning went to Chattanooga Tennessee to visit the families of the service men who were killed last week in the tragic ... Read More »