Could Electric Forks Replace Salt?

Most of us have way too much salt in our diets, because it makes everything taste great.  But a new study found you might be able to accomplish the same thing without all the salt . . . by literally SHOCKING your mouth while you eat. Researchers at the University of Maine created a set of chopsticks that deliver an ... Read More »

Chase Rice Released the Video that Tore His Pectoral Muscle

CHASE RICE made a big deal back in May about tearing his pectoral muscle while filming his “Eyes On You” video . . . and how he had to go on a restricted diet because of the surgery. Well, the video is finally out and it sure looks like he had a lot of fun before the accident.  He’s snowboarding, fishing, and hanging out with other beautiful ... Read More »

Cassadee Pope Learned About “Sliding Into DMs” from Mandy Moore

Remember the whole thing about CARLY PEARCE wanting to get with MICHAEL RAY, so she slid into his DMs so he’d notice her?  Turns out there’s a whole chain of advice that led to it.     She heard about it from CASSADEE POPE who used that technique on her current boyfriend, “Nashville” star Sam Palladio.  And Cassadee was tipped-off to it from MANDY MOORE. Cassadee tells “Pop Culture“, quote, “I ... Read More »

The Most Binge-Watched TV Show of 2018 So Far in Every State

What’s the one TV show you can just watch over and over again?  Apparently the most common answer to that question right now is . . . “The Office”.   Someone looked at the streaming habits of all 50 states so far this year.  And here are the top five shows, and which states ‘binge-watched’ them more than any other shows: ... Read More »

Locash Canceled a Show, Because Preston Brust’s Wife Went Into Labor

PRESTON BRUST‘s wife went into early labor, so LOCASH had to cancel their show in Marysville, Ohio on Friday.  The news came suddenly so Preston had to take several flights in order to get back to Nashville. Fortunately, he made it to the delivery room in time to be with his wife Kristen when she gave birth.  Their son Legend Wilde was born ... Read More »

Nike and General Mills Just Released New Shoes Based Off Popular Cereals

Nike and General Mills just released three new limited-edition pairs of basketball shoes that are based on different CEREALS. And they’re all based on the basketball shoe line Nike makes for Kyrie Irving from the Boston Celtics, because apparently he really likes cereal?  He also genuinely believes the Earth is flat.  He’s . . . eclectic.   Anyway, the three new shoes ... Read More »