93.1 Coast Country’s Nashville Notes

ORMOND BEACH’S KALEB LEE CONTINUES TO THE  NEXT ROUND ON THE VOICE!!!!! Team Kelly’s Justin Kilgore, performing Garth Brooks’ version of Billy Joel’s “Shameless,” against and Caleb Lee, singing Zac Brown Band’s “Free” – a strategic move by Kelly, since the two country artists could wind up splitting America’s vote further along in the competition. Kelly picked Caleb, calling him “a ... Read More »

93.1 Coast Country’s Awesome Kid of the Day!

A Kid Born with a Cleft Palate and Different-Colored Eyes Got a Cat That Looks Just Like Him This is a pretty cool story if you haven’t heard about it yet . . . There’s a seven-year-old kid in Oklahoma named Madden Humphreys who was born with a cleft palate, and had surgery to repair it. And he was also ... Read More »

93.1 Coast Country ‘s Weekend Movie Openings!

    1.  “Ready Player One”  (PG-13)  Trailer 1 and Trailer 2   Steven Spielberg directs this movie about a future where millions of people have turned to a virtual reality universe called the Oasis to escape the chaos of the world.   After its creator dies, he reveals that he’s hidden an Easter egg inside the Oasis that will grant ... Read More »

93.1 Coast Country Deal of The Day! Is it Really THEEEE Bundy Couch??

You can live like part of another one of television’s favorite families for just $149.00. The Bundys! The ReStore at the Shore home improvement and donation center in South Jersey just got in this iconic couch that bears an *uncanny* resemblance to the one featured in “Married With… Children.” Amanda McGowan, the director of operations at the center, tells The Blast that the ... Read More »