“Wheel of Fortune” is Giving Away Its First House

 “Wheel of Fortune” is giving away its first house . . . and you don’t even have to be on the show to win it, because it’s a viewer sweepstakes. All you have to do to enter is watch the show next week, record the bonus round puzzle solution and submit the answer to the show’s website.  The winner will be ... Read More »

Thomas Rhett’s Wife Lauren Took the High Road to Deal with an Internet Troll

THOMAS RHETT’s wife Lauren posted an adorable photo recently where she’s holding their daughter Ada James . . . while her sister Macy holds the couple’s other daughter, Willa Gray. The post got tons of love on Instagram, and, of course, one misguided comment on Lauren’s parenting style.  They wrote, “Anyone else notice that Macy is more of a mom to Willa than Lauren is?” Yes, the ... Read More »

“Nose Warmers” are Ridiculous, Small Winter Hats For Your Nose

There’s a product going viral right now called the Nose Warmer.  And basically, it’s like a small winter hat for your NOSE.  You put it on your nose, so it looks like a BEAK, and then tie the straps around the back of your head. It WILL keep your nose warm.  You WILL look ridiculous in the process. The Nose ... Read More »

Reba McEntire and Skeeter Are Still Traveling the World Together

I bet some of you would like an update on REBA MCENTIRE and her “boyfriend” Skeeter Lasuzzo.  Well, I’m glad to report they’re still doing it.  And by that I mean, traveling.  She just posted a bunch of photos of them from all over the world. She captioned it, “Whether we’re in the mountains of Wyoming or in Italy, flying or riding ... Read More »