Kip Moore’s Fans Have Tattoos with the Number of His Shows They’ve Seen

  “Rolling Stone“ talked to KIP MOORE about his reputation for having dedicated fans.  They don’t just love his hits, they also pay attention to the deep album cuts . . . and you can see them mouthing the lyrics at his shows. And they go to a LOT of his shows.  He said, quote, “I’ve seen fans with tattoos of their 75th shows.  ... Read More »

A New Study Found a Link Between ADHD and Too Much Screen Time

FULL STORY:  Can too much screen time destroy your kid’s attention span, or even give them ADHD?  A new study found that yes, it might be possible.   Researchers tracked about 2,600 tenth graders for two years.  They only picked kids who didn’t show any signs of ADHD when the study started.   Then they checked in on them two ... Read More »

A Service Dog Saved Seven Newborn Kittens That Were Abandoned in the Woods

There’s a 30-year-old woman in Georgia named Whitney Braley who’s confined to a wheelchair.  So she has a service dog . . . a three-year-old, female husky named Banner. Earlier this month, Banner was acting really weird all day, and started tugging on Whitney’s dress outside their home in Menlo, about 90 miles northwest of Atlanta.   Then she started ... Read More »

Here Are the Most Popular Lottery Numbers in the World

A new study asked people in 13 countries what number they’re most likely to play in the lottery.  And good old seven did NOT win.  It came in second. So what’s the REAL luckiest number in the world?  11. Here are the top 10 numbers people play . . . which you can either use to get in on that ... Read More »