Michael Ray’s “Penny Tattoo” Was Inspired by His Late Grandmother

MICHAEL RAY is a “tattoo guy.”  He’s got a lot of them, and each one probably has a pretty good story.  His new one comes with a VERY good story.  It’s a tattoo on his arm of a pennywith the year 1945 inked underneath.     He told CMT about it, quote, “When my grandfather passed away, I was up late doing his obituary ... Read More »

Reba McEntire and Skeeter Are Still Traveling the World Together

I bet some of you would like an update on REBA MCENTIRE and her “boyfriend” Skeeter Lasuzzo.  Well, I’m glad to report they’re still doing it.  And by that I mean, traveling.  She just posted a bunch of photos of them from all over the world. She captioned it, “Whether we’re in the mountains of Wyoming or in Italy, flying or riding ... Read More »

Former ERAU Ace Pitcher Shines In Major League Debut

Originally called up last month from AAA Memphis by the Cardinals but not used in a game, Poncedeleon becomes the first pitcher since 1892 to not allow a hit in his first Major League Baseball appearance. His performance last night comes after he nearly died last year from an injury during a minor league baseball game. Poncedeleon took a baseball ... Read More »

Being in a Bad Mood Is Good For Your Productivity?

I guess if you’re feeling miserable, you might as well get a bunch of work or chores done . . . because it’s not like they’d be getting in the way of a good time. According to a new study out of Canada, being in a bad mood is actually GOOD for your productivity. They found that when people were ... Read More »

Eating Lots of Bacon Could Make You Go Insane?

Eating too many cured meat products like hot dogs and bacon could make you develop MANIA, according to a new study.  On the bright side, if you just have them occasionally, the researchers say you should be okay.   If eating a ton of BACON and HOT DOGS makes a person go crazy, then reserve me a spot at an asylum ... Read More »