Brenda’s Buzz Friday August 18th : Obi-Wan Kenobi Star Wars / Ted Nugent Says Kid Rock NOT Running for Senate / Did Peter Kraus Ruin Chances of Being the Next “Bachelor”

  The “Hollywood Reporter”claims there’s an Obi-Wan Kenobi stand-alone movie in development.  There aren’t any details yet, but this would probably be the third “Star Wars” anthology movie, behind “Rogue One”, which came out last December, and the untitled Han Solo movie, which is coming out in May of next year. If that’s the case, this would be the one ... Read More »

Brenda’s Buzz Thursday August 17: Is American Idol Facing a “Crisis”? / Tom Cruise Injury Haults MI Filming / Emme Stone Makes Bank! / Meet the Hot New 7 yr old Internet Star-

ABC made a big splash when they got KATY PERRY to be an “American Idol” judge . . . but it’s been over three months since then, and there’s still no word on who will be joining her. TMZ claims the show “seems to be in crisis” because they haven’t finalized any deals, and filming is set to start in ... Read More »

Brenda’s Buzz Wednesday Aug 16th : DJ Involved in Taylor Swift “Groping” Case Speaks Out / Go Wine Tasting with Jennifer Lawrence / Judge Judy Let a Little Dog Loose in Courtroom to Choose His Real Owner

The Court Sketch Artist Says Taylor Swift Was Hard to Draw Because She’s “Very Pretty,” and the DJ Says He Could Pass a Polygraph The Internet was pretty harsh on the courtroom sketch artist who drew TAYLOR SWIFT during last week’s butt-groping trial.  Even though his work wasn’t anywhere near as bad as the infamous Tom Bradysketch.   Taylor Swift ... Read More »

Brenda’s Buzz Tues August 15: Taylor Swift Wins Harassment Case / Why Isn’t Oprah Married? / Tragic Accident on the Set of “Deadpool 2”

Taylor Swift’s statement. #TaylorSwiftTrial — Joe Fryer (@joefryer) August 14, 2017 TAYLOR SWIFT won her countersuit against David Mueller, the former DJ who groped her during a meet-and-greet four years ago. On Friday, a judge dismissed Taylor from the lawsuit . . . saying that there was no proof that she’d done anything wrong. The rest of the case ... Read More »

Brenda’s Buzz Monday August 14th : Tom Cruise Injured During Mission Impossible Shoot / Donald Trump Childhood Home on AirBnB / Weekend Box Office

TOM CRUISE loves doing his own stunts in movies. Remember a few years back, when he clung to the side of a plane for “Mission: Impossible 5 – Rogue Nation”? Well, a recent stunt for “Mission: Impossible 6” did NOT go so well. TMZ has footage of him jumping between buildings. He leaps from some scaffolding, and clings to the ... Read More »

Brenda’s Buzz Friday August 11: Taylor Swift Gets Snarky on the Witness Stand / Movies That Couldn’t Happen in 2017 / Bill O’Reilly Will Make His First Appearance on CNN

TAYLOR SWIFT took the witness stand yesterday to tell a jury how a former DJ groped her backside during a meet-and-greet. David Mueller denies it, and he’s suing Taylor because he got FIRED after she told his bosses. Taylor is counter-suing for sexual harassment. (Careful!) She said, quote, “He had a handful of my ass . . . he grabbed ... Read More »