A Guy Sets the Speed Record For Eating a Raw Onion

The town of Gloucestershire, England has an “onion fair” every year, and one of the highlights is their raw onion-eating contest.  A new record was set this year when a guy ate a seven-ounce onion in 45 seconds. There’s also a women’s division.  They eat a five-ounce onion, and this year’s winner did it in a little over a minute.   ... Read More »

Did This Weather Reporter Fake Being Pushed by the Wind?

This went viral over the weekend.  A Weather Channel reporter named Mike Seidel was on-camera and struggling to keep his balance against the winds of Hurricane Florence.  And then two guys show up in the background walking with no problem. People accused Mike of faking it, so the Weather Channel issued a statement saying he struggled because of the wet grass, while ... Read More »

Carrie Underwood Had Three Miscarriages in Two Years

CARRIE UNDERWOOD opened up a vein and let it all out during an interview on “CBS Sunday Morning”.  She revealed that she went through three miscarriages in the past two years.  She had two in 2017, and one earlier this year. As we know, she didn’t give up.  She announced last month that she’s pregnant again, and she’s feeling good. But the ups and ... Read More »

Trying to Take the Perfect Selfie Saved a Woman’s Life

63-year-old Juanita Branch was trying to take a selfie for Facebook at her home in Michigan last month.  But she couldn’t get a good one.  And it seemed like they were just getting worse and worse. Then she realized it was because she’d just had a STROKE.   She noticed that one side of her face was drooping more and ... Read More »