Fiji Water Got $12 Million Worth of Advertising from the Fiji Water Girl at the “Golden Globes”

Just days ago, nobody knew the name Kelleth Cuthbert.  And now, everyone recognizes her as the “Fiji Water Girl”, who photobombed just about every celebrity who walked the red carpet at the “Golden Globes”. And according to marketing experts, Kelleth gave Fiji the equivalent of $12 million in free advertising.  And she wasn’t just lucky.  She knew what she was doing. She says, quote, ... Read More »

There’s Only One Six-Figure Job in America That’s Considered “Low Stress”

“U.S. News and World Report” just put out their annual list of the best-paying jobs in America, which features a lot of different types of doctors and management jobs. But only ONE job had below-average stress and good work-life balance . . . orthodontists.   All of the rest of the jobs that have six-figure salaries have above-average stress, a bad work-life balance, ... Read More »

How Does Florida Georgia Line Decide Who Will Sing Lead on Each Song?

When a FLORIDA GEORGIA LINE song comes through the speakers you’re almost always hearing TYLER HUBBARD singing lead, and BRIAN KELLEY doing harmony.  It works for them. But that arrangement’s not set in stone.  Brian says it’s a team decision about who takes the lead . . . and it’s driven by what’s best for the song. Quote, “Tyler and I have always been big on ... Read More »

Reba McEntire and Skeeter Are Still Traveling the World Together

I bet some of you would like an update on REBA MCENTIRE and her “boyfriend” Skeeter Lasuzzo.  Well, I’m glad to report they’re still doing it.  And by that I mean, traveling.  She just posted a bunch of photos of them from all over the world. She captioned it, “Whether we’re in the mountains of Wyoming or in Italy, flying or riding ... Read More »

Former ERAU Ace Pitcher Shines In Major League Debut

Originally called up last month from AAA Memphis by the Cardinals but not used in a game, Poncedeleon becomes the first pitcher since 1892 to not allow a hit in his first Major League Baseball appearance. His performance last night comes after he nearly died last year from an injury during a minor league baseball game. Poncedeleon took a baseball ... Read More »