Brenda’s Buzz Thursday July 27th : Justin Bieber Hits Paparazzi / Rob Lowe Sends Personal Video Message to Terminally Ill Fan / Angelina Jolie Opens Up About Divorce

Justin Bieber Hit Someone With His Truck Last Night and Put The Guy in the Hospital   JUSTIN BIEBER hit a photographer with his truck last night and put the guy in the hospital. Justin was leaving a church event in Beverly Hills when the paparazzi blocked his path, and he accidentally hit one of them while gunning his engine. ... Read More »

Brenda’s Buzz Wednesday July 26: Michael Phelps Speaks Out About Shark Gate / Chrissy Teigen Blocked By Prez Trump / “Blossom” Reunion Possible!

Michael Phelps spoke out about “SHARK GATE.” The 23-time Olympic gold medalist did a Facebook Live video and took questions from fans. The controversial Phelps vs. Shark race predictably came up, and Phelps defended the entire experience. The first answer comes at the 12-minute mark.       Chrissy Teigen Blocked By the Prez on Twitter After 9 years of ... Read More »

Brenda’s Buzz Tuesday July 25th : Prez Trump Makes a Promise for Christmas / “Modern Family” Kids Are Getting Wheelbarrows Full of Money / Win a Dinner with Leonardo Decaprio and Kate Winslet

President Trump Vows to Bring “Merry Christmas” Back Again Whether you’re a fan of PRESIDENT TRUMP’s or not, you have to admit that he says some pretty off-the-wall stuff.  Like on the campaign trail last year, when he said that if he’s elected, we’ll be saying “Merry Christmas” again.Like, had people STOPPED saying it?  Was some kind of law against ... Read More »

Brenda’s Buzz Monday July 24th: Michael Phelps Shark Race Was Computer Animated! / J-Lo Celebrates 48th Birthday / Weekend Box Office

Big Surprise: Michael Phelps Didn’t Really Race a Great White The moment of glory for #TeamShark!!! #PhelpsVsShark #SharkWeek — Shark Week (@SharkWeek) July 24, 2017 It’s the Megalodon “documentary” all over again: The Discovery Channel and MICHAEL PHELPS played us all when they said he’d be racing a great white shark last night. Technically, nobody really SAID Phelps would ... Read More »