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“My Wife No Longer Lets Me Play”

A guy in Delaware put an ad on Craigslist a few days ago, offering to sell his almost-new set of golf clubs because, quote, “I got married a year ago and my wife no longer lets me play . . . actually she doesn’t let me do anything fun.”  He deleted the ad yesterday once it started going viral, probably ... Read More »

From the Very Bowels of Human Excess:

ROBERT DOWNEY JR. can’t feel comfortable in a posh, over-priced apartment while filming in a new city . . . unless he has ALL of his stuff with him.  A so-called “source” says, quote, “Whenever he rents a place, he has all the same furniture sent so there’s consistency from rental to rental.” This one comes From the Very Bowels ... Read More »

Granny Panties Are Coming Back . . . and Thong Sales are Dropping

  It was a good run for sexy underwear.  But apparently GRANNY PANTIES are coming back, baby. Thong sales have gone down 7% over the past year . . . and sales of LARGER types of women’s underwear are up 17%. There are three theories on why underwear trends are shifting to bigger options . . . 1.  They’re more ... Read More »

When a Woman Is Rejected by a Handsome Guy

Guys, if you’re hanging back until the girl you love FINALLY gets tired of bad relationships with handsome jerks . . . and realizes YOU’RE the man of her dreams . . . listen up.  You NEED to hear this. A harsh but important study out of the University of Toronto found that when a woman has a bad experience ... Read More »

Four Facebook Posts and What They Say About You

We’re not going to judge you for what you post on Facebook.  But we DO want you to judge other people for THEIR posts. Psychologists at the Brunel University in London gave 555 people personality tests, then studied the type of Facebook posts they make.  They found four pretty strong connections between personality traits and social media postings.  Check ’em ... Read More »