Daytona’s 93.1 Coast Country Super Bowl More Commercial Sneek Peeks!

Budweiser’s Latest Heart-Tugging Ad, and Amazon Is Teasing a Sick Alexa   For the past five years, Budweiser has used their Super Bowl commercials to TOY WITH YOUR EMOTIONS . . . starting with that sappy ad about the man being reunited with the horse that he raised.   Since then, they’ve regularly gone back to the ‘cute,’ tearjerker well.  ... Read More »

Dallas & Brenda Nashville Notes: Carrie Underwood’s spikes it with awesome Superbowl opener”The Champion”/ Keith Urban livestream this Wednesday

Carrie Underwood spikes the ball with “The Champion” for Super Bowl LII open   Move over “Fight Song” — Carrie Underwood has just unleashed “The Champion,” her anthemic new track that will heard at the opening of NBC’s Super Bowl LII on February 4.  Carrie is no stranger to the gridiron: she has been the face and voice of NBC’s Sunday Night Football show open for ... Read More »