Facts about email you never knew!

FACTS ABOUT E-MAIL YOU NEVER KNEW E-mail is so ubiquitous we just assume everyone has an e-mail address, just as everyone has a telephone number. And while we send more than 100 billion e-mails every day — from business communications to bad jokes — how do we really use e-mail? That was the question researchers from Yahoo! Labs wanted to ... Read More »

Women dish on commitment, relationships, love, marriage & infidelity!

DID SOMEONE SAY COMMITMENT? According to our friends at Glamour: 35% of women had their first committed relationship before they turned 18 28 is the median age at which men marry today 26 is the median age at which women marry today 48% of women say they would not commit to a smoker 26% of women admit they’ve cheated while ... Read More »

Not your average proposal! This brought tears!

Tyler Shelton had been dating Haylee for seven years.  He wanted to get Haylee’s dad’s blessing before he proposed.  Problem was, Haylee’s dad Greg passed away on April 25, 2014.  So what Tyler did when he proposed was incredible.  See it here: Read More »

Dan + Shay have gone to the dogs? The scoop & their new video here!

Dan + Shay have gone to the dogs in their new video for “Nothin’ Like You.” The clip features the duo co-starring with dogs from local animal shelter Proverbs 12:10 Animal Rescue. That organization is very special to Dan + Shay’s Shay Mooney since he adopted two of his own pets, Joy and Chief, from Proverbs 12:10. “It is obvious ... Read More »