Another reason not to drink too much!

Heavy Drinking Linked to Greater Risk for Alcohol-Related Cancers Researchers say it’s a risk factor for death and disability that can be controlled — Heavy drinking increases the risk for injury and alcohol-related cancers, a new study reports. Strategies are needed to curb alcohol abuse, particularly in low-income countries, the Canadian researchers said in the study published Sept. 16 in ... Read More »

Women are more attracted to Happy Guys!

WOMEN MORE ATTRACTED TO HAPPY GUYS Stop the brooding, guys. According to a new study, women are more attracted to a man who smiles than one who looks grumpy. The study, conducted by the University of Oslo and Senshu University in Japan, found that when it came to a long-term relationship, women rated men who were smiling in photos as ... Read More »

Here’s a super easy way to lose ten pounds by the holidays!

Wanna lose ten pounds by the holidays?  Well, you’ve probably heard this before, but there’s some new science to back it up.  Try drinking a glass of water before you eat. Researchers at the University of Birmingham in England recently had people drink a pint of water 30 minutes before they had breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  And in three months, ... Read More »

Just when I thought it was cool, I find out Pumpkin Spice is over?

PUMPKIN SPICE IS OVER Pumpkin Spice Lattes just got back on the menu at Starbucks, but there are definite signs we have reached pumpkin overload. According to food tracking app My Fitness Pal, pumpkin spice latte consumption is down, and there’s a new flavor in town. Sorry, pumpkin spice … you’ve been replaced by salted caramel in latte lovers’ hearts. ... Read More »

Can going to work make us fat? hmmmmm

CAN GOING TO WORK MAKE YOU FAT? Office snacks from the help-yourself candy dishes to doughnuts on Fridays may boost morale, but they can wreck your waistline and sabotage your health. It has been shown that just the sight or smell of candy, cookies, donuts and other sugary sweet concoctions triggers a desire to eat some. Since most of us ... Read More »