Hottest Hair Trends for 2017

HOTTEST HAIR TRENDS FOR 2017 There’s nothing like starting the New Year off with a new look. According to style experts these are the hottest trends you can expect to see in color and cuts for 2017: Grown in hair color: No need to rush and get those roots done. This year the grown-out look is hot! Just make sure ... Read More »

WATCH: Kitten comes to vet with a swollen nose & the doc finds a BIG problem

Not for the squeamish!  This vet probably saved this kitten’s life.  The owner’s brought the kitten in with a swollen nose and found out the cat didn’t have a tumor or other problem, it was a cuterebra larva.  A giant bug that’s a brain parasite that infests small animals when they spend a lot of time outside. Thankfully they were able ... Read More »

NASCAR announces new title sponsor—Its’ MONSTER Energy Drinks!

NASCAR Announces Multi-Year Partnership with Monster Energy for Premier Series Entitlement Brand Becomes Official Energy Drink of NASCAR, NASCAR All-Star Race Title Sponsor DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (December 1, 2016) — NASCAR and Monster Energy announced today a multi-year agreement for the premier series entitlement as well as the prestigious annual NASCAR All-Star Race. Monster Energy, which will begin its tenure ... Read More »