Brenda’s Buzz Tuesday July 11th: The Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian Drama / Ryan Seacrest Congratulates X-Girlfriend Julianna Hough on Marriage / David Hasselhoff Makes “Baywatch” Movie HUGE in Germany

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ROB KARDASHIAN apologized to BLAC CHYNA yesterday for all the trouble he caused by posting nude pictures of her on Instagram. Well, Rob didn’t apologize . . . his attorney did.

That attorney just happened to be Robert Shapiro . . . who worked with Rob’s dad on the O.J. SIMPSON case. He was in court yesterday to see Rob get hit with a temporary restraining order from Chyna.

It says he can’t contact or come within 100 yards of her. He also has to refrain from cyberbullying her, which includes posting private photos, revealing details of her medical history, or disparaging her in any way on social media.

Shapiro said, quote, “On Mr. Kardashian’s behalf, I’d like to apologize for the events that have taken place. Moving forward, the priority is the well-being of the child.”

And everything IS cool when it comes to their 8-month-old daughter Dream. They’re still sharing custody, without any help from the courts.

It’s amazing they can hold it together for Dream, because it sounds like they’re at each other’s throats otherwise. According to TMZ, they’re going at each other with competing claims of physical abuse.

And in an interview with ABC News, Chyna said she was “devastated” by the photos . . . and her attorney told Rob to BACK OFF.


If you care, here is the report from last week:


Rob Kardashian Posted Nude Pics of His Baby Mama After He Found Out She Cheated


ROB KARDASHIAN got kicked off Instagram yesterday for posting nude “revenge porn” photos of his baby-mama BLAC CHYNA . . . and then attacking her for allegedly being unfaithful.

It all started over the weekend, when Rob found out Chyna was cheating with some guy . . . because that guy had posted a pictureof himself in their bed, wearing Rob’s Versace robe.

So he went nuclear on her, which prompted them to break up for approximately the 95th time.  Then she sent him a video of herself IN BED with the other man . . . which Rob turned around and POSTED.






Then he posted the nudes, and accused her of cheating with multiple guys.  He also started listing off all the stuff he’s bought her, including $250,000 in jewelry and $100,000 worth of plastic surgery.

When he got kicked off Instagram, he moved his rant over to Twitter, minus the pictures.

Chyna responded by claiming Rob physically abused her, and also cheated on HER with multiple women.  She also taunted him with videos of that jewelry he was complaining about.  (Check ’em out here and here.)

No matter who’s at fault for these relationship issues, the important thing here is that Rob posted nude pictures of Blac Chyna without her consent.  So could he be brought up on charges of REVENGE PORN?

You would think so.  But one of the qualifications of revenge porn under California law is that the material is made public with the intent of causing the victim emotional distress. 

And according to TMZ, Chyna actually LIKED the pics when Rob posted them on Instagram.  So it might be hard to claim he caused her emotional distress.

Then again, he INTENDED to . . . so even if he failed, there might still be a case there.  And Chyna’s NOT going to just let this go.  Her lawyer says he’s, quote, “exploring all legal remedies and protections available.”


Ryan Seacrest Congratulated His Ex, Julianne Hough, on Her Wedding


RYAN SEACREST congratulated JULIANNE HOUGH on her marriage to NHL star BROOKS LAICH, so either there are no hard feelings, or he was keeping up appearances.  Ryan and Julianne dated for about two years, before breaking up in 2013.  Yesterday on “Live with Kelly & Ryan”, he said, quote, “I guess there were a couple of weddings over the weekend . . . congratulations to Jules!”

He added, quote, “She looks stunning and there’s also a photo of her father, Bruce.  I know this family and they are terrific people . . . super talented, she is, so congratulations, Julianne!  Happy to see you happy.


The “Baywatch” Movie Is Huge in Germany Because of David Hasselhoff, Naturally

The “Baywatch” movie flopped in the U.S., but it’s been a hit in Germany. And that’s because of DAVID HASSELHOFF, who’s a GOD in his ancestral homeland.

The Hoff only has a brief cameo, but that’s good enough for the Germans, who have an UNQUENCHABLE THIRST for anything Hasselhoff-related, ever since he almost single-handedly brought down the Berlin Wall.

(I say that in jest . . . but the Germans aren’t laughing.)

“Baywatch” has made a whopping $16 million in Germany . . . more than in any other foreign country. It was bigger there than the “Transformers” movie, “The Mummy”, and “Wonder Woman”.

Paramount probably saw this opportunity coming . . . because they’d sent Hasselhoff to the Berlin premiere last month.

“Baywatch” made $57.6 million in the U.S. and Canada, which didn’t cover its budget of $69 million. But it has made another $100 million internationally.