Brenda’s Buzz Tuesday August 8: Sinead O’Connor Breaks Down on Facebook / Taylor Swift Jury Selection Questions / The Bachelorette Said YES!!!

SINÉAD O’CONNOR has been in a pretty rough downward spiral over the past five years, and she’s shared a lot of it on Facebook, where she gets love from fans.  Unfortunately, it sounds like she doesn’t have many people willing to listen to her in REAL life.

In her latest video, Sinead says she’s dealing with three mental illnesses, and is living in a Travelodge in New Jersey.

She cries throughout the video, and talks about how the only thing that’s keeping her alive is her psychiatrist, who tells her she’s his HERO. She admits it’s “kind of pathetic” that THAT is all she has to live for . . . but she otherwise feels alone, unloved, and suicidal. She also has a kidney stone.

For what it’s worth, she’s in the Travelodge because that’s the area where she’s getting help, and her family has abandoned her. 

Mental illness is a tough road to ride down when you are alone in this world, let’s keep her in our thoughts and prayers as she battles a sickness that MANY Americans deal with, but never talk about it or show it.



Taylor Swift Is Going on Trial, and Lawyers Are Trying to Keep Her Diehard Fans Off the Jury

TAYLOR SWIFT is going on trial later this month. If you haven’t heard, a former radio DJ is suing her for defamation, after she claimed he grabbed her backside during a meet-and-greet back in 2013.

He lost his job . . . but Taylor insists it happened, and she’s filed a countersuit for sexual harassment.

In any event, jury selection is happening now . . . and naturally, the lawyers opposing Taylor are trying to keep her biggest fans from stacking the jury. In an effort to expose their fandom, they have a questionnaire for prospective jurors.



It includes stuff like:

1. Have you listened to Taylor Swift on the radio?

2. Have you watched one of Taylor’s videos?

3. Have you read a blog about her?

4. Have you bought a Taylor Swift album?

5. Have you “intentionally listened to Taylor through an online service”?

6. Have you gone to one of her concerts?

Taylor was actually in the courtroom in Denver yesterday to witness the jury selection. The trial will probably take a little over a week, and she IS expected to take the witness stand. If she wins her countersuit, she’ll donate the money to charity.

The Bachelorette SAID YES!!!!!

“The Bachelorette” made her choice last night . . . although it may have been her SECOND choice.

RACHEL LINDSAY went with BRYAN ABASOLO . . . but it seemed like her heart was really with PETER KRAUS. There was only one problem: He REFUSED TO PROPOSE.

He actually said what everybody with a lick of sense has always known about this show: It doesn’t allow you to get to know someone enough to make a lifelong commitment to them.

It’s not that Peter didn’t want to be with Rachel . . . it’s just that he knew it was too soon in their relationship for an engagement. At one point he asked HER if she was ready to marry him . . . and SHE COULDN’T ANSWER. (???)

So it’s Lindsay and Bryan who will pretend to be happily in love for the next few months before they break up. The end.