Brenda’s Buzz Friday May 19th: Pippa’s EXPENSIVE Wedding / Chris Cornell Committed Suicide / Johnny Depp Trump Impression

Preparations Underway for Pippa Middleton’s… by splashnews

Pippa Middleton’s wedding to hedge fund millionaire James Matthews will cost almost $500,000!! Here are some of the costs:

Dress: $13k
The Veil: $2,590
Flowers: $20k
Cake: $3360
Top End Toilets: $5179
Caviar: $75k
Glass Building : $175k


Chris Cornell’s Death Was Ruled a Suicide


By now you’ve obviously heard that CHRIS CORNELL from SOUNDGARDEN and AUDIOSLAVE died after a show in Detroit Wednesday night, at the age of 52.  Well, the medical examiner has already ruled it a suicide by hanging.

Chris had his battles with drug addiction, but yesterday his wife Vicky said she talked to him before and after the show, and there were absolutely no signs he was depressed or suicidal.

Vicky had tried to reach Chris in his hotel room early Thursday morning but couldn’t get through.  So she called somebody to check on him, and that’s when he was found on the floor with some kind of band around his neck.

TMZ has video of Chris at Wednesday’s show, telling the crowd how awesome they were, and saying, quote, “I feel a little bit sorry for the next [effing] place we play.”  (WARNING!!!  This video contains profanity.)


The last song Soundgarden played . . . and thus the last song Chris Cornell will EVER play . . . was “Slaves & Bulldozers” . . . but they mixed in parts of “In My Time of Dying” by ZEPPELIN

There probably wasn’t any symbolism there.  They were known to play that one. 


CHRIS CORNELL’s death hit a lot of people hard.  There’s been no word yet from SOUNDGARDEN, but here are some of the tributes:

Dave Navarro:  “SO SO stunned to hear about Chris Cornell!  Such a terrible and sad loss!  Thinking of his family tonight!”

Rob Thomas:  “I can hardly believe the news about Chris Cornell’s passing.  He was SUCH a talent and an unbelievably nice man.”

Gavin Rossdale:  “Total shock.  Great man.  Great band.  Great loss.   Love to everyone in his world.”

Jimmy Page:  “RIP Chris Cornell.  Incredibly Talented.  Incredibly Young.  Incredibly Missed.”

Elton John:  “Shocked and saddened by the sudden death of Chris Cornell.  A great singer, songwriter and the loveliest man.”

Joe Perry:  “A sad loss of a great talent to the world, his friends and family.  Rest In Peace.”

The Zac Brown Band:  “Chris Cornell touched so many & we were fortunate to have worked w/ him.  He was a true talent & gentleman.  Our thoughts are with his family.”

Courtney Love:  “Goodbye darling boy.  Please say hi to all my loved ones.  I cried for you today.  Rip.”

And Chris’ AUDIOSLAVE bandmate TOM MORELLO said, quote, “I love you, brother.  Thank you for your friendship and your humor and your intellect and your singular and unmatched talent . . .

“I am devastated and deeply saddened that you are gone dear friend but your unbridled rock power, delicate haunting melodies and the memory of your smile are with us forever.  Your beautiful voice and beautiful self will always be in my heart.”


Meanwhile, some fans left flowers at Seattle’s “Sound Garden” sculpture, which inspired the band’s name.

Johnny Depp Trump Impression on The Ellen Show

Johnny Depp showed off his Donald Trump impression on “Ellen” yesterday, and said he’d be willing to take over if Alec Baldwin doesn’t want to do him on “SNL” next season.