Brenda’s Buzz Friday July 14th: Donnie Wahlberg GIves $2k Tip! / Jersey Shore REUNION!! / Prayers for “Walking Dead” Stuntman

Donnie Wahlberg went out to eat at a Waffle House while he was on tour with New Kids on the Block, and he left a $2,000 tip.  He also did a Facebook Live video with one of the servers sitting at his table.


“The Walking Dead” Halted Production After a Stuntman Was Seriously Injured

A stuntman working on Season Eight of “The Walking Dead” was SERIOUSLY injured in Georgia on Wednesday when he fell over 20 feet from a balcony, landed on concrete, and hit his head.

He was bleeding from his head and nose after the fall. They airlifted him to a hospital in Atlanta.

His name is John Bernecker. His girlfriend also does stunts for the show, so she’s there with him. But it’s not looking good. A ‘source’ who’s at the hospital says he’s brain dead and on life-support, and that his family is making arrangements.

“High falls” are one of John’s many specialties as a stuntman. Sources say he and an actor were rehearsing a fight scene that was supposed to end with a “routine” fall from a balcony, but John lost his footing.

AMC has temporarily shutting down production on the show.


“Jersey Shore” Reunion!

The cast of “Jersey Shore” is about to do a reunion special. They just appeared in a six-minute Burger King commercial together, but supposedly there’s something bigger coming.