Brenda’s Buzz Friday April 21st: X-Files is back!!!!! / Bill O’Reilly Gets $25 Million Pay Out! / Amy Schumer Bought Woman a $2000 Matress

“X-Files” Is Getting Another Season!

The “X-Files” revival will NOT be a one-off. Fox has picked up another 10 episodes. Production will begin this summer . . . and it’ll basically be a continuation of last year’s six-episode 10th season.

This is the 11th season . . . and Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny are onboard again . . . but there aren’t any other details, like a possible premiere date.


Bill O’Reilly Could Leave Fox News with $25 Million

BILL O’REILLY isn’t leaving Fox News empty-handed. Sources say he’s getting a $25 million payday. That’s the equivalent of one year of the big, four-year deal he signed with Fox just last month.

Sources also say that 21st Century Fox KNEW when the deal was being negotiated that the “New York Times” had that article in the works that revealed all the sexual harassment settlements that were paid to his accusers.

And apparently, they left themselves some “outs” that allowed them to get away with only giving him a year’s worth of salary, instead of the whole amount.


Amy Schumer Bought a $2,000 Mattress for Someone Who Let Her Use the Bathroom?

AMY SCHUMER performed a good deed for a random mattress store employee . . . and it would’ve never happened if Amy didn’t have to pee like a racehorse.  Here’s how it went down according to “People” magazine . . .

Amy was going for a jog in Chicago when she desperately needed to find a restroom.  Apparently, her best option was a store called Mattress Firm.

Not every place will let you run in and use their bathroom, but there was an employee there named Sagine Lazarre, and she was cool with it.  And no . . . she didn’t realize this sweaty woman was Amy Schumer.

On her way out, Amy asked Sagine what mattress in the store was her favorite.  Sagine pointed one out, and Amy just pulled out her credit card and bought it for her on the spot.  (???)  It cost $2,000.

The woman was shocked, naturally.  And she still wasn’t sure who Amy was.  She says, quote, “After she left, I Googled her name.  The lady that was right there talking to me is Amy Schumer.  It was amazing.”