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Former ERAU Ace Pitcher Shines In Major League Debut

Originally called up last month from AAA Memphis by the Cardinals but not used in a game, Poncedeleon becomes the first pitcher since 1892 to not allow a hit in his first Major League Baseball appearance. His performance last night comes after he nearly died last year from an injury during a minor league baseball game. Poncedeleon took a baseball ... Read More »

Being in a Bad Mood Is Good For Your Productivity?

I guess if you’re feeling miserable, you might as well get a bunch of work or chores done . . . because it’s not like they’d be getting in the way of a good time. According to a new study out of Canada, being in a bad mood is actually GOOD for your productivity. They found that when people were ... Read More »

Eating Lots of Bacon Could Make You Go Insane?

Eating too many cured meat products like hot dogs and bacon could make you develop MANIA, according to a new study.  On the bright side, if you just have them occasionally, the researchers say you should be okay.   If eating a ton of BACON and HOT DOGS makes a person go crazy, then reserve me a spot at an asylum ... Read More »

Jeff Bezos Becomes the Richest Man in Modern History, Topping $150 Billion

Jeff Bezos is the richest person in modern history. The Inc. founder’s net worth cracked $150 billion in New York on Monday, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. That’s about $55 billion more than Microsoft Corp. co-founder Bill Gates, the world’s second-richest person. Bezos, 54, also has topped Gates in inflation-adjusted terms. The $100 billion mark that Gates hit ... Read More »

IHOP celebrates birthday with 60-cent pancakes

On Tuesday, the restaurant chain celebrates its 60th anniversary, and is giving away short stacks of three buttermilk pancakes for just 60 cents. In the days leading up to Tuesday, IHOP shared the news on its Twitter accounts sending out updates like, “Don’t tell anyone, but we’re giving away 60¢ pancakes for our 60th birthday. Tell everyone,” and, “It’s our party ... Read More »