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A Woman Has Thrown Birthday Parties for Over 30,000 Kids Who Are Homeless

33-year-old Megan Yunn used to run a youth program in Pittsburgh.  And back in 2011, she was helping a 12-year-old girl named Beverly with her vocabulary homework when she found out the girl had never had a birthday party. She tried to explain what the word “accustomed” meant by asking her what people are “accustomed” to eating at birthday parties.  ... Read More »

Kane Brown Is Married…And He Got a Tattoo of His Wife’s Name

KANE BROWN and his fiancée Katelyn Jae got married on Friday at a farm near Nashville.  There were 200 guests AND a bouncy house.  Instead of writing out vows they exchanged letters to each other earlier in the day. And speaking of permanent, he’s already showing off a tattoo of her name that he got on the side of his hand.  It’s written ... Read More »