93.1 Coast Country’s NEW MOVIES This Weekend!

1.  “Life of the Party”  (PG-13)  Trailer


Melissa McCarthy decides to go back to college after her husband dumps her, and she ends up on the same campus as her daughter who’s just starting her senior year.


Maya Rudolph plays her best friend, Gillian Jacobs from “Community” is a sorority sister, Debby Ryan from “Jessie” is the sorority leader, and Matt Walsh from “Veep” is Melissa’s cheating husband.  Julie Bowen from “Modern Family” is his mistress.






2.  “Breaking In”  (PG-13)  Trailer


Gabrielle Union is trapped outside during a home invasion robbery when she returns home to sell her dead father’s house.  Then she has to break back in, past the house’s high-tech security, to rescue her children who are being held hostage inside.


Billy Burke from “Zoo” and “Revolution” plays the leader of the thieves.