93.1 Coast Country’s New Movies This Weekend!

New in Theaters: the “Overboard” Remake, “Tully” and “Bad Samaritan”


1.  “Overboard”  (PG-13)  Trailer



It’s a remake of a 1987 comedy where Kurt Russell gets revenge on Goldie Hawn by tricking her into thinking she’s his wife after she gets amnesia from falling off her yacht.



They flipped the gender roles for this one, and threw in a little racial diversity too.  It stars Eugenio Derbez from “How to be a Latin Lover” as a member of one of Mexico’s richest families, and Anna Faris as his mistreated employee.



After he unjustly fires her, refuses to pay her for cleaning his yacht, and gets her fired from her cleaning job, she gets payback by claiming they’re married, getting him a job as a construction worker, and quietly forcing him to pay off his debt.



Eva Longoria is also in it as her best friend, and the one who suggests the idea.






2.  “Tully”  (R)  Trailer


Charlize Theron plays an overwhelmed mother of three who reluctantly bonds with a night nanny her brother hires to help her with her newborn baby.  Mackenzie Davis from AMC’s “Halt and Catch Fire” plays the nanny Tully.






3.  “Bad Samaritan”  (R)  Trailer



Irish actor Robert Sheehan stars as a parking valet who gets sucked into a cat and mouse game with a killer when he uses the GPS in the guy’s car to drive to his house.  Before he can rob the place, he finds a tortured girl in chains who begs him for help.



Kerry Condon from “Breaking Bad” is the victim, and the killer is David Tennant from “Dr. Who”.  They each have a Marvel connection.  He’s the villain in the first season of “Jessica Jones”, and she’s the voice of F.R.I.D.A.Y., the A.I. in Iron Man’s suit.






4.  And now, some limited releases you may or may not care about:


. . . “RBG”, a documentary about Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who became an unexpected pop icon after being appointed to the Supreme Court.  (Trailer)



. . . “The Cleanse” is a dark comedy starring Johnny Galecki from “The Big Bang Theory” as a guy who goes to a spiritual retreat and discovers that they are quite literally releasing people’s inner demons.  Angelica Houstonis also in it.  (Trailer)





Originally posted on May 4th, 2018