93.1 Coast Country’s Nashville Notes: Miranda is Single Again / Brad, Dustin, and Goats / New Cam Video

Turns out the rumors are true.  MIRANDA LAMBERT and ANDERSON EAST have broken up.  “Multiple sources” have confirmed it to “Us Weekly”.  And yet, although it’s over, the door isn’t completely closed.


One source told the magazine that there are still some strong feelings.  Quote, “They have spent a lot of time apart, but potentially could end up back together.  The love is still there.”


Sounds like a classic show business thing where they’re both putting their careers first.  It’s hard to be a couple when one of you is spending a lot of time on the road, and even tougher when you’re both off in different directions.


This puts their relationship at a little over two years before it imploded. 


It was on New Year’s Day of 2016 when they “came out” and posted the “snuggle is real” photo on Instagram. 



Dustin Lynch Gave Brad Paisley a Live Goat . . .as a Thank You Gift?

DUSTIN LYNCH found a creative way to thank BRAD PAISLEY for bringing him along as an opener on the Weekend Warrior Tour.  He gifted him with a live Nigerian Dwarf goat.

This was at their show on Friday in Nashville during the song “I’m Still a Guy”. The goat was on a leash and they took turns holding it until Dustin’s official presentation.  (“G.O.A.T.” stands for “greatest of all time.”)

He said, quote, “In my opinion, Brad Paisley is one of the greatest of all time to do this.  He is one of the ‘goats’ of country music.  So Brad, I got you a goat.”

Dustin named it Telly because of Brad’s love for Telecaster guitars. 

Brad made it clear he wanted to keep Telly because his kids would give him a hard time if he didn’t.  And he was right, because after the show his son Jasper was seen cuddling it.



Country Music Extras . . . Quick Links to Additional Stories

1.  KELLY CLARKSON and CARRIE UNDERWOOD got annoyed with an online poll from The Tylt that asked people to pick one of them as the most iconic “American Idol” winner. 


Kelly Tweeted, “I think we’re both winning in life and pretty blessed.  Singers, mamas, CEOs.” 


And Carrie wished “more publications would celebrate women’s success without pitting them against each other.” 




2.  CAM recorded a cover of the Sam Smith song “Palace”.  It’s very bare-bones . . . just her and somebody playing guitar.

3.  The city of Bakersfield, California has named a post office in honor of MERLE HAGGARD.  There was a ceremony on Friday, which would have been his 81st birthday.  It was also the two-year anniversary of his death.  (Full Story)




4.  Newcomer JORDAN DAVIS is pretty excited to be attending the ACMs.  But since it’s in Vegas, he may get a bit distracted.  Quote, “I’m a blackjack guy so I might have to bring a little extra money.  I don’t have a ton of that but, hey, I could hit the jackpot, who knows?”  (Full Story)