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Luke Bryan was on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” last night, and talked about what makes him country.  He has a farm truck that’s only for the farm and doesn’t have a license plate, and he has a full-time bass breeder for his own private bass lake.  From “Late Night with Seth Meyers” on Tuesday, March 6, 2018


A GoFundMe Account Created After the Route 91 Tragedy is Distributing $31.5 Million to the Victims and Families


A GoFundMe account that was set up after the Route 91 tragedy has started distributing its funds to the victims and their families.  Some $31.5 million came in from around the world, thanks to over 90,000 donations.

532 families and victims will share the money.  $275,000 will be given to each family of the 58 people killed in the shooting.  And $275,000 will also go to 10 different victims who were either paralyzed or suffered permanent brain damage injuries. 

Plus, funds will go to 147 other people who were hospitalized.  There are no rules around how the money can be spent.

A family member of one of the victims said, quote, “In no way can it replace someone’s life.  Still, it is a real nice way to help families who lost someone they loved.”

(Here’s a PDF of the chart that shows how the money is being distributed.)


Country Music Extras . . . Quick Links to Additional Stories


1.  CHASE BRYANT posted a long message on Instagram about how he let his ego get the best of him after his first couple of hits.  He vowed to be more honest with himself in the future, and is proud of the new music he’s been recording.  He closed by reintroducing himself and thanking his fans for hanging in.  (Rare Country)

2.  ALAN JACKSON says he’s not hearing much “real country music” coming out of Nashville these days.  He says it’s been trending that way for a few years, and he doesn’t know if it’ll ever come back.  But he is a huge Chris Stapleton fan.  Quote, “He’s the closest thing to country out there.”  (Full Story)


3.  KACEY MUSGRAVES posted a throwback photo from her wedding day back in October.  It’s her and her husband Ruston Kelly smoking what appear to be marijuana joints.  She captioned it “Love-stoned.”

4.  Here are the Top 10 albums and songs on Billboard’s country music charts this week . . .



Top Country Albums: 

1.  Kane Brown“Kane Brown”

2.  Chris Stapleton“Traveller”

3.  Luke Bryan“What Makes You Country”

4.  Thomas Rhett“Life Changes”

5.  Chris Stapleton“From A Room:  Volume 1”

6.  Luke Combs“This One’s For You”

7.  Chris Stapleton“From A Room:  Volume 2”

8.  Brett Young“Brett Young”

9.  Jon Pardi“California Sunrise”

10.  Sam Hunt“Montevallo”

Top Country Songs: 

1.  Bebe Rexha and Florida Georgia Line“Meant To Be”

2.  Thomas Rhett“Marry Me”

3.  Jason Aldean“You Make It Easy”

4.  Kane Brown“Heaven”

5.  Scotty McCreery“Five More Minutes”

6.  Chris Stapleton“Broken Halos”

7.  Luke Bryan“Most People Are Good”

8.  Old Dominion“Written In The Sand”

9.  Jordan Davis“Singles You Up”

10.  Devin Dawson“All On Me”



Originally posted on March 7th, 2018