93.1 Coast Country’s Nashville Notes : Carrie Releases Pic of her and Son Working Out / Cam New Song About “Jolene’s” Point of View! / Luke Adds Jon Pardi to Tour / Currington Adds Lo Cash

CARRIE UNDERWOOD posted a photo where she’s working out in what appears to be her home gym . . . but she’s looking away from the camera so you only see the right side of her face.  She’s clearly not ready to go public since getting those stitches

She captioned the photo, “My boys make workouts fun . . . and a bit less productive, but that’s okay.”  Her two-year-old son Isaiah is next to her imitating her pose.  (Hit the right arrow for a photo of Isaiah imitating her husband Mike Fisher.)

We’re not calling Carrie out.  If anything, we respect that she needs time.  This just shows how difficult it must be to deal with private matters when you’re in the public eye.




CAM released the video to her song, “Diane”.  According to People, it’s a response to Dolly Parton’sclassic “Jolene” . . . and is from the point of view of the woman who was “trying to steal” Dolly’s man.






 BILLY CURRINGTON has invited LOCASH to open his 2018 tour.  It’ll kick-off March 30th in Wallingford, Connecticut and run through the summer.  Dates and details are at


Luke Bryan Sent Jon Pardi a Six-Word Text Asking Him to Go on Tour

Have you ever wondered what kind of detailed protocol headliners go through when they pick their opening acts?  Well, in LUKE BRYAN’s case, not much.  He sent JON PARDI a six-word text asking him to open on his What Makes You Country tour.

Jon explains, quote, “Luke just sent me a text.  It was just, ‘Man, you wanna go on tour?’  I was like, ‘Yeah.'”

It helps that they’re friends who go way back.  He adds, quote, “We’re buddies.  I met Luke in 2011, when we were playing little 1,000-seat theaters.  And then he [released] ‘Country Girl (Shake It For Me)’ and I never saw him again.” 


 Now that KELSEA BALLERINI is headlining, she’s finding out what it’s like to have the audience sing EVERY single word of her songs.  She posted a clip from her show on Saturday . . . and the crowd stays with her for every beat of “Love Me Like You Mean It”.  It’s kind of like the early Taylor Swift days.