93.1 Coast Country’s Nashville Notes: CARRIE IS BACK!

Carrie Underwood Is Performing at the ACMs, and Releasing a New Song Tomorrow


 CARRIE UNDERWOOD is releasing a new song tomorrow.  She posted a photo on Instagram of her left eye with glitter in the shape of tears.  The caption reads, “This Wednesday, April 11, 6:00 a.m. Eastern.”  No word yet on a title.


The ACMs have also announced that she’ll be performing that new song on Sunday.  


It’ll be her first public appearance since getting 40 to 50 stitches in November.


She’s up for two awards:  Female Vocalist of the Year, and Vocal Event of the Year with Keith Urban for “The Fighter”.




RaeLynn’s Tour Must-Haves Include Lip-Gloss, Her Bible . . . and Corona


 RAELYNN recently got off the CMT Next Women of Country Tour, so Billboard asked about her “three must-haves” while on the road.  She cheated a bit and added a fourth. 


Quote, “Lip-gloss, dry shampoo, and my bible . . . all the things a southern girl could need.  And maybe a little Corona.”


Every artist says being on the road is an absolute grind, so it’s no surprise that her “favorite thing to do on a day off” is . . . quote, “Sleep.  Literally, that’s all I want to do.  And hanging out with my dogs.  And catching up on shows.”


They also wondered about her coolest concert moment, which is a great question because how do you pick one?  Well, she had no doubt.  Quote, “The first time I was on the road with Blake [Shelton].  Hearing the fans sing back ‘Love Triangle’


“It’s such a personal song because it’s about my parents’ divorce and there was something about [it] that was so amazing and everybody in the stadium had their lights out and you could see all the people that this song has impacted. 


“It’s one of the coolest moments I’ve had on tour.”

Country Music Extras . . . Quick Links to Additional Stories


1.  JASON ALDEAN met with a Route 91 survivor named Jovanna Calzadillas on Friday.  She was shot in the head and there was a chance she might not survive.  But she did, and she’s battling back.  She’s been working on her recovery at the Barrow Neurological Institute, which is where Jason paid a visit . . . and he brought an autographed guitar.






2.  MAREN MORRIS cast her man Ryan Hurd in the video to her song “Rich”.  They do a Wild West thing where she’s a bounty hunter bringing him into town.  Bonus:  She spends time in a corset-type thing, and in a bathtub. 



(WARNING!!!  There are UNCENSORED S-words at 1:03, 2:07, and 2:52.  Here’s the link.)






3.  LUKE BRYAN’s wife Caroline posted a clip of the two of them acting goofy on a patio in some exotic location.  She’s doing a New Kids on the Block imitation, he’s kind of dancing . . . and one of their kids is begging her to make lunch.  She captioned it, “Our favorite pastime is to annoy our children.”  (Instagram



Originally posted on April 10th, 2018