93.1 Coast Country Brenda’s Buzz: Sneak Peak Taylor Swift Song / OJ Simpson In Trouble Again / Computer Solves Crimes Binge Watching CSI

TAYLOR SWIFT’s new album “Reputation” is out TODAY, but some people got to hear it early . . . because it leaked online yesterday.

Leaks CAN impact sales . . . but Taylor should be okay.  It only leaked a day early, and as of LAST Friday she’d already sold 400,000 pre-orders.  Earlier this week, her label was projecting first week sales of 2 million.

But that hasn’t stopped her fans from ferociously defending her.  Here are some highlights:  Quote, “People leaking ‘Reputation’:  Obviously, you’re talentless and lifeless.  We know y’all are closeted Taylor Swift fans after all.”

“Stop and think:  Why are you going to ruin her chance of getting amazing sales?  If you love her so much, don’t do it.  So disrespectful.”

“I couldn’t listen to leaks . . . I don’t know, it feels wrong to listen to a Taylor Swift album for the first time if it’s not on release night, screaming about each song with the rest of the fandom.”  (???)

And quote, “THIS IS WHY WE CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS.”  That’s actually the title of a song on the album, by the way. 

(E! Online decoded all the lyrics from the album so you don’t have to . . . here’s a breakdown of all the shade she throws . . . and here’s Taylor singing a new song called “New Year’s Day“.)







Originally posted on November 10th, 2017


Was O.J. Simpson Thrown Out of a Casino for Being Drunk and Smashing Glasses?


O.J. SIMPSON should probably just lay low . . . not attract attention to himself . . . and enjoy the fact that he’s FREE.  In other words, just act like a normal 70-year-old man.

But of course, O.J. isn’t a normal senior citizen.  And he still doesn’t have the acumen to just NOT do stupid things . . . allegedly

TMZ claims O.J. was kicked out of the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas Wednesday night, after he got wasted . . . and a little too rowdy.

They say he’s been hitting up the bars at that hotel since his release from prison, and on Wednesday he started arguing with the staff, and, quote, “glasses broke at the bar.”  Technically, they don’t say O.J. broke the glasses.

Security showed up, and escorted him out.  He went without causing a scene . . . but he’s been permanently 86’d from the Cosmopolitan. 

For what it’s worth, O.J.’s lawyer admits that he was banned from the hotel, but denies that he did anything wrong.  He says they just decided they didn’t want to have him around. 


(Here’s a photo of O.J. at the hotel that night.) 








An Artificial Intelligence Computer Has Been Trained to Solve Crimes . . . All Thanks to Binge Watching “CSI”

This feels like something straight out of science fiction, but it’s real: Scientists at the University of Edinburgh have trained a COMPUTER to SOLVE CRIMES. And it’s really good at it.

But the way they trained it is the best part: They had it binge watch “CSI”.

And after 39 episodes, the artificial intelligence started figuring out how to hunt for clues and process them, watch for suspicious body language, and recognize unusual behavior.

So far, the computer can correctly guess the killer 60% of the time, which is slightly below real detectives . . . they get it 85% of the time.

But the scientists say with more training, the computer could become almost flawless at its crime solving . . . and then it would be time to see if it could apply those skills in the real world.